All over the world, children and youth represent the demographic that is most receptive to spiritual and developmental input.  God is calling us to radically change the way we view young people and to respond to their strategic importance and rightful place in His Kingdom. The 4/14 Window Movement sees children and youth as more than a mission field to be reached.  They are also a powerful missions force affecting change in our world today. 


The History of the 4/14 Window

Dr. Bambang Budijanto (recorded June 2013)


The 4/14 Window Movement's First 7 Years:
By Dr. Luis Bush

The 4/14 Window Movement's First 7 years: MILESTONES has been written by Dr. Luis Bush to outline the highlights and milestones within our movement.  If you would like to download and read a copy you will find it here.


Timeline of the 4/14 Window Movement

1974 - Ralph Winter calls the global church to focus mission efforts on “unreached people groups” around the world.

1989 - Missiologist Dr. Luis Bush coined the term “10/40 Window” - the geographical region of the world where the most number of unreached people groups reside. 

1996 - Seminal article (link) by Dr. Dan Brewster admonishes the church to take children and youth seriously

2005 - Child, Church and Mission released by Compassion International and Dan Brewster

2008 - Dr. Bush challenged the church to reach the world’s largest “unreached people group,” who are hidden in every nation of the 10/40 Window.  They are the “4/14 Window”, young people (roughly 4 years old to 14 years old but spanning all the way into young adulthood).  

2009 - 4/14 Window Global Initiative launched.

2009 - Dr. Bambang Budijanto argues that the “New Kingdom Landscape” (link) requires a new focus on children and youth (Video)

2011 - 4/14 Global Summit in Singapore proves that the 4/14 “initiative” has become a movement with 100s of regional events spontaneously emerging all over the world.

2013 - Dr. Bambang Budijanto introduces the “Second Mountain” to climb in the race to activate the 4/14 window.  The first mountain was building awareness of the importance of the 4/14 among the church.  The Second mountain is appropriately releasing children and youth into ministry.

2015 - Dr. Bambang Budijanto calls Nurturers, young people roughly 14-22 years old, to take their rightful place in serving this next generation by making disciples among the 4/14.