What is the 4/14 Window

The 4/14 Window refers to the demographic group from age four to fourteen years old, which is the most open and receptive to every form of spiritual and developmental input.

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Global Summit 4

The Summit will be a collaborative event bringing leaders, practitioners, thinkers and theologians, from many nations and of varied age groups to seek God together for this Movement.

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Translation Network

Across the globe, the Church is being swept into this move of God.  Come and join our translation network and help us bring the 4/14 message to the ends of the earth.

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“Although the Bible decrees that children should grow up in an atmosphere of family love, wise counsel, tender discipline and unconditional care, the reality of our day is that this has often not become the case as children have been tragically neglected and therefore marginalized.”
2009, Global Summit
“The glaring weakness in the handling and caring for children as a global community has contributed to millions of children becoming hopeless victims of neglect.”
2009, Global Summit
“We commit ourselves and the institutions that God has entrusted to us to improve and increase our efforts for the equipping, care and mobilization of the children and their families in the 4/14 window for the holistic transformation of the world.”
2009, Global Summit
“I thank to God for seeing the big picture of the Global Family who want to see the next generation grow in Christ! Thank you very much for the time in Bangkok. I’ve been blessed.”
Greg, 2013, Global Summit